Guest Post, w/c 13th March

Guest Post, w/c 13th March


Miiro Juuso is known to deliver highly informative, entertaining and insightful articles within the DevOps space. His articles predominantly cover methodologies, practices and tools to improve software delivery, and gather regularly hundreds of shares in social media.

Purchase this product to reserve a guest blog post to be delivered by the end of the week commencing March 13th, 2017. Please note that this post is to be published by you, in your own blog.

The length of an article is generally around 1500 - 2000 words. Emphasis is on quality, not length. The subject of the article is to be determined by the purchaser.

While we invite you to discuss your requirements in advance, only the purchase of this product reserves the mentioned delivery time.

This product does not include visibility at, but the post will be credited to Miiro Juuso. If you wish to credit the post to someone else, please purchase the Ghost Writer product in addition to this product.

All prices VAT 0% (exempt).

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