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Top 5 online courses to kickstart your DevOps career

Top 5 online courses to kickstart your DevOps career

Kickstart your journey into DevOps with one (or all!) of these hand-picked online courses. Udemy is currently running a promotion selling these courses for up to a 95% discount, so be quick!

Note: We've just launched our own online DevOps course, Get into DevOps: The Masterclass. Check it out here.

Full disclosure: If you end up purchasing one of these courses, you will support the cost of running this blog. Thank you!

#5: Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

Some say Docker is the number one tool for DevOps. I'm not sure if that's true - but what I do know is that every client I've worked with over the past few years have used Docker. Every single one. If you don't know Docker, you will need to learn it. As simple as that.

Learn more about the Docker Technologies course here

#4: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2017

You don't need to become AWS Certified to work in DevOps - but it certainly doesn't hurt your career! Even if you decide not to take the certification exam itself, this course will teach you everything there is to know about building and maintaining applications in Amazon Web Services.

Learn more about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course here

#3: Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Infrastructure as Code is one of the key concepts for building modern automated infrastructure. Terraform is an essential tool in any DevOps specialist's toolbelt.

Learn more about the Terraform Infrastructure Automation course here

#2: Mastering Ansible

Ansible is one of the rising stars for configuration management, provisioning and deployment. It's incredibly versatile, yet rather easy to get started with - and the agentless nature is really simple to use unlike some others (looking at you, Chef & Puppet).

Learn more about the Mastering Ansible course here

#1: Get into DevOps: The Masterclass


Welcome to the online course that teaches you all about the DevOps mindset, methodologies and practices, plus hands-on tutorials on 15 of the most popular DevOps tools on the market, such as Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Amazon Web Services.

Get into DevOps: The Masterclass is for anyone looking to learn more about DevOps ways of working and how to use the most popular DevOps tools to build Continuous Delivery pipelines.

The first part of this course teaches you the fundamental DevOps concepts such as Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and continuous improvement via frequent feedback loops. You will learn the key principles for designing modern testing environments, and how to improve delivery team throughput by improving team autonomy. We'll also discuss The DevOps Teacher model for building DevOps capability in software teams.

After you know why you should implement DevOps ways of working, you will learn the how - the second part of this course is about hands-on tutorials on DevOps tools. You will learn the basics of using 15 of the most popular DevOps tools to implement automation, Infrastructure as Code, and self-service interfaces on modern cloud platforms.

Learn more about The Masterclass here!

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