Learn DevOps tools

A crucial part of working as a DevOps specialist is the ability to choose the best tools for the job. Use the resources below to learn about the most popular DevOps tools for containerisation, configuration management and infrastructure as code.


Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Infrastructure as Code is one of the key concepts for building modern automated infrastructure. Representing infrastructure as code makes it versioned, auditable and testable.

Terraform is an essential tool in any DevOps specialist's toolbelt.


Mastering Ansible

Ansible is one of the rising stars for configuration management, provisioning and deployment. It's incredibly versatile, yet rather easy to get started with - and the agentless nature is really simple to use unlike some others (looking at you, Chef & Puppet).


Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

Some say Docker is the number one tool for DevOps. I'm not sure if that's true - but what I do know is that every client I've worked with over the past few years have used Docker. Every single one. If you don't know Docker, you will need to learn it. As simple as that.

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